Thursday, April 3, 2008

Free Open Technical Seminar on FTTH

Selangor Human Resource Development Centre and Iconix Technology jointly organize an open seminar titled "Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH): A Global Shift in High Speed Internet System" in the capital of Selangor State, Shah Alam, in Malaysia.

If you're interested to know in-depth how this technology going to change the way we work, play or live in future, please attend this enlightening seminar with the hottest topic in high speed internet world and discover the next generation broadband system which is here and now!

This is an opportunity that you can gain knowledge and insight of FTTH deployment, its latest trends, economic benefits and the technology needed to make it happen.

You will learn from the industrial experts on:
  • how world's leading organizations resolve economic and technical issues surrounding FTTH to create competitive advantage and achieve profitable growth.
  • how to acquire essential skills for FTTH implementation.
  • how FTTH increase property values and move the sales.
  • why FTTH makes more economical sense and boost economic growth, and more...

Invited guest speakers:

Mr. Raymond Lai (EXFO)

Mr. Bernard Lee (TM Research And Development)

Dr. SC Lee (Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS)

You can call, fax or email to register for free admission.

Ms. Pesala ( Tel: 603-5513 3560 Fax: 603-5513 3490

Title: Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH) : A Global Shift in High Speed Internet System

Date: 29 April 2008 (Tuesday)

Time: 2:00pm to 5:00pm.

Venue: SHRDC, Worldwide Business Park, Shah Alam.

RSVP by: 25 April 2008.

For further information, you can visit http//

P/S: Seats are limited, please register for free admission and refreshment will be served.

Who a re they?

Selangor Human Resource Development Centre (SHRDC) was formed on 14th February 1992. The formation was a collaborative effort of the Selangor State Government and Founder Members of the Matsushita Group of Companies, MEMC Electronic Materials Sdn Bhd, Motorola Malaysia Sdn Bhd, NEC Semiconductors Malaysia Sdn Bhd, Denso Malaysia Sdn Bhd, Texas Instruments Malaysia Sdn Bhd, Western Digital Malaysia Sdn Bhd and Yayasan Basmi Kemiskinan.
SHRDC has now established itself as an answer to the call of the private sector and government to overcome the challenges of skilled manpower shortage in Selangor. Since it’s launch, SHRDC has taken significant strides forward.
SHRDC mission is to enable performance improvement in individuals and organizations of the manufacturing and services industries through the development of competencies.
For many years, the industry has been demanding for a more responsive, flexible and relevant industrial training system that will help to develop a highly skilled workforce as well as provide upgrading opportunities for their current workforce. SHRDC’s training system has evolved to meet the industry demand. It is highly responsive and flexible and caters for every “trainable” working employee. It is managed by a team of highly motivated and diligent individuals.

Iconix Technology is a company providing system Integration solutions with main expertise in Industrial Automation and Software Development. This company is currently also the partner and technical consultant to Selangor Human Resource Development Centre in providing technical trainings and courses for industries.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Video meets FTTH

It is interesting to study the evolution of how the video contents broadcast to viewers from early 20th century to 21st century. As many would have known, television is invented by many inventors in various stages.
  • The word “Television” is first used in 1900. It was first started with mechanical TV built with mechanical scanning disc system. The TV picture is neon orange and very small.
  • First mechanical TV sold to public in year 1928.
  • Experimental electronic TV began broadcasting in Germany, England, Italy, France, USA, Holland and etc. from 1935 to 1941.
  • 1 July 1941 commercial electronic Black and White TV began broadcasting in United States. From 1942 to 1945 World War-II halts all TV sales and most all public broadcasting.
  • On June 25, 1951 First Mechanical Color Television Set Placed on Market (CBS-Columbia) at $499.95.
  • Oct 20, 1951 Mechanical CBS Color TV Broadcasting ends forever. In May 1954 First All-Electronic Color Television Set is RCA CT-100, selling at $1,000.
  • It was in June of 1956, that the TV remote controller first entered the American home. The first TV remote control called "Lazy Bones," was developed in 1950 by Zenith Electronics Corporation.
  • Color TV booms as NBC leads the way and begins to use the phrase "The Full Color Network". By year's end, 96% of NBC's nighttime schedule is broadcast in color, along with all major programs, sports events and specials.
  • In year 1987, Japanese demonstrate ANALOG high-definition TV system (called MUSE).
  • Late 1990s, Internet, World-Wide-Web explodes onto the scene -- ushering in new global communications for the 21st century!
It was in 1996 that Web TV was rolled out and hit the market. Since then, many telephony service providers started to redefine their services to include “triple-play” which is voice, video and data connectivity into the consumer market.

FTTH gains popularity since then when video content providers require high bandwidth demand to deliver video contents to consumers. Today, the home entertainment system no longer just a combined system with hi-fi sound system or DVD player, but linking the TV to internet like Apple TV, Xbox, Tivo, Vudu, Intel VIVV and etc. The paradigm in contents delivery also changed to become more interactive and personalize. New service providers are booming such as Joost, Vuze, VeohTV, Babelgum and etc with full screen capability now and high definition quality soon.

The best investment is now on FTTH with favourable economics and could last longer than copper without major upgraded needed to the backbone of telephony system.